About Us


The vision of the company is to expand the scope of the current empowerment trading services in order to capture the entire KwaZulu – Natal and also provide the services in other areas of South Africa, in response to the growing demand of customers, the company understand the needs of South African community which is striving predominantly to become a large black empowerment trading service company in South Africa.

The company strongly supports the government initiatives by promoting black empowerment, and to enhance job opportunities for previously disadvantage communities and also developing skills for the youth by offering work experience in order to encourage employment to start their own business in assisting the government in fighting against poverty, crime and unemployment affecting the entire country.

In line with the transformation, the company wishes to grow into a successful empowerment organization, so that the skills and development are transferred to the individuals who were not afforded such privilege.

The company takes cognisance that many potential entrepreneurs from the trading industry, who were previously marginalised, were deprived of developing partnership in viable business opportunities by virtue of socio – economic and political factors. The vision of the members of the business is to harness the latent skills and talent of such individual so that they make a meaningful and significant contribution to the local development of the new South Africa, hence they will operate at all times within framework and policies of the business, so that they support the priorities identified through a democratic and participate process.




The mission of the company is to offer comprehensive, personalized, cost effective services to customers both national and international.

The members have noticed that there is an increase in demand and the considerable opportunities with this trade, and service supply industry to expand the clearing and forwarding sector.

The company’s main objective is to meet the customer’s needs in the field of specialized services and delivery at most competitive prices in order to ensure market penetration.

The members propose to expand the range of services offered by the company by conducting proper market intelligence, identifying competitor pricing structures and conducting force filed analysis whereby the company will offer the best services in the situation where their competitors fail to do so, this will be done through carefully analysis, planning, scheduling, monitoring, execution of work orders including lateral and strategic thinking.

The company’s mission is to always identify niches in the market place, specifically to the business and to capitalize on these by designing and implementing carefully planned systematic and cost effective market strategies.

Formation of Shane B Logistics cc.

The company is founded by Shane and Arthi Baicho to add value and service in the logistic chain supply industry.

Business Objectives

  • To expand the scope of operation by increasing market share through well planned marketing strategies.
  • To create additional employment opportunities especially for individual from previous disadvantageous sectors of the organizations.
  • To offer most competitive pricing structure to the organizations.
  • To secure large work assignment from corporate organizations are carried out professionally.
  • To be become an independent, viable empowerment company offering the best trade and allied services.
  • To always adopt a pro – active approach in our business dealings.
  • To capitalize on the extensive economic development opportunities.
  • To ensure that the goodwill of external group is obtained and preserved.

Members and Business Experience

The members have extensive business management and the operation experience in the field of specialty which includes the following:

  • Business management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Operation management
  • Purchasing management and inventory management
  • Marketing
  • Negotiating and interacting with customers
  • Critical safety and risk analysis
  • Supervisory skills
  • Costing and pricing
  • Health and safety


The aim of the business is to conduct ongoing market research in order to identify customers need, competitor’s trends and to remain highly successful in all aspects of the operation.

In line with transition, we will ensure the usage of credible service provider’s opportunity to conduct business.

The team effort, loyalty, dedication and perseverance will make Shane B Logistics cc. to achieve its aim, goals and objectives with absolute success.