Clearing and forwarding, is the movement of moveable goods from point A to point B through sea, rail, road and air. Knowledge of customs regulations and skills of freight forwarding is paramount to ensuring the successful delivery of shipments. We know this and have committed to excellence and customer satisfaction and ensuring our cargo reaches its final destination as timely and efficiently as agreed upon.

We offer very competitive rates for our forwarding service. We can brag to be one of the most reliable freight forwarders in the region and there is no mode of transport our experienced staff cannot handle. We are always on the ball and our global networks make freight movement a stroll in the park for our dedicated team. Sea, rail, road, air, mail, mode, name it; freight forwarding is our game.

International forwarding is so easy for us because of our vast knowledge of international restrictions and customs law and our extensive network of partners worldwide. Domestically we forward cargo through our courier service, our comprehensive road network,our all so rapid domestic air forwarding service, and our economical rail service. It is indeed a small world with us.